2 chances to get it right...

liandor Community Member Posts: 46
CS1004 - for your case, you don't need to count the times the student answers the question because you only want them to answer it once and then provide immediate feedback. Therefore, your test page should look as follows:Next Button: NOT initially shownText Box (Correct Answer):NOT initially shownContent - "Great Job!" or whatever you chooseText Box (InCorrect Answer):NOT initially shownContent - "The correct answer is..." again...whatever you chooseCheck Answer Button:Initially shownAdd the following Actions to the button:Correct Answer - OnClick: Show Correct Answer Text Box Condition: If answer = correct answerIncorrect Answer - OnClick: Show Incorrect Answer Text BoxCondition: If answer not= correct answerNext Button - OnClick: Show Next ButtonHopefully this explains it a little better and provides more input to your specific situation. Repost if not. There's always an answer!