variable error hell

biljackson Community Member Posts: 12
I have read and search for the better part of the day (finding interesting, but off topic items), but can't find/figure this out. I think it is right before me, but I can't see it.I have a SCORM course (Lectora 7) that I wish to publish (a web and a stand-alone version. Both produce a list of errors that run like this:Title of course: Action SetTextOfChapter on assignable unit name acts on an object that has been deleted from the title or is no longer accessible from this page.Then it lists about 10 more variables with the same error. All of the variables lie at the top, course level and act, as far as I can tell, on objects located at the same level. That is, the SetTextofChapter variable is referenced in a text object that shows the specific chapter being referenced. So, the object has not been deleted, it is right there. I have gone round and round on this. Can anyone release me from this?