One Scored Test but Two Test Versions

susieq Community Member Posts: 4
I am using Lectora 2007 SP2a, publishing Scorm 1.2 to SOLO LMS.I have two tests (Version A & Version B) in my title.I am using a random generated number to launch one version (and one only) of the tests to be scored for the title. Each test has 20 MC Q's each worth 5 points. I can NOT put all 40 Q's and just randomly pick 20 for the test. You must take/pass either Test A or Test B. Can I do this? Is there a way to tell Lectora to only include the Test Score of the Test Version that is selected?...based on the value of my random number?When does the AICC_Score get assigned? I have both test counting towards the AICC_Score, and I am just modifying the AICC_Score by multiplying by action on the DONE button of each test. The default action on the DONE button submits the Test A (or Test B) score, not the AICC_Score. This seems to work, but I get odd errors (LMSset errors) and the lovely "persistent data" error when I try to show feedback. Has anyone run into this before?Thanks for any help or insight
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