test sections and test average

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I am somewhat familar with creating CBTs in Lectora.However, I have a test with 3 sections: the first section is a True/false, the second section is a multiple choise, and the 3rd section is a multiple choice as well.What I would like to do is get a separate test score for each section.From that, I would like to have the 3 test scores averaged into 1 master score.Then I would like all of the scores (for each section and the master score) and the questions (as feedback) emailed to our email account. The .awt will be saved as a .exe.I figure that variables will play into this, but as of now, I have 3 separate tests sent out with each score and question feedback in the emails. So I have 3 emails to look at as well as averaging the score in an excel spreadsheet.Is it possible to get all of this into 1 test and sent through Email to get the results? I have lectora 2005 (my boss has lectora 2006).We will not be able to purchase lectora 2007 at this time.Please help!jenn
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