Beginner in need of support

fronteruser Community Member Posts: 8
I'm trying to send results from a lectora course into our LMS, Fronter. I use SCORM 2004 and I've realised that some additional actions has to be added if I want the results to be sent from Lectora into the LMS. This is how I've been trying to deal with the problem:Add a button to the last page of the course. Go to properties (of the button) and give it an "on click action" that "modify variable" - "CMI_complition_status"Someone said that the value chosen should be "C" - is that correct? Then what?Seeing that I've got no knowledge at all in programing I would be greatful for any help! If you have expirience of using the combination lectora/fronter please let me know :)I'm also curious about how to read the results of essay questions in Fronter - is it possible at all?// FronteruserEdited By: Fronteruser on 2007-5-29 9:50:29