How to make a Reset Button

johnfromdon Community Member Posts: 158
Ah, a like minded developer.I personally believe that Trivantis could actually sweep up here with all the disillusioned Authorware developers who are looking for something that harnesses some fo the flexibility and functionality of Authorware.I like Lectora, and have produced content very quickly but equally when looking to develop content that needs a little more of a technical approach to producing it - takes that bit longer. It would be nice to see steps moving towards resolving this for Lectora 2008 - and I don't mean just in the more expensive version - personally I don't see the point in paying out hundreds more for a sound editor, a graphics package - especially when I have Sound Forge and PS/PSP/FW et al.I would like more from Trivantis in the way we can atcually get into Lectora - with listings of the JavaScript functionality or other advanced commands. Also do something about that manual - I begrudge paying over £1000 for a package that comes with a poorly laid out manual that looks like its been put together by someone on the Introduction to Word course. Send me it, and I will update the layout it for them for free I first tried this package out way back in 2002, and felt it wasn't bad - I built a demo for Ikea in it from just skim reading the manual.Trivantis should learn from the Adobe attitude to Authorware, and support its user base - and support the more technical users - and I don't mean with support packages - at least Macromedia or Adobe enforce that!