3 508 "issues" with Lectora3007

cdckaren Community Member Posts: 37 ♪ Opening Act ♪
FYI to all interested:1. Lectora produces elements in a numbered format, not providing common sense names for them. This was a case of a tester not being familiar with the application. As we all know, when you add an element, it names it "Image 1" and it's up to the developer to add their own descriptions.2. When the style sheets are turned off, The content "Degrades" into non-sequential elements.This was another tester error. They meant Javascripts, not CSS. A No-brainer there.3. The Alt tags in images can not always be read by screen readers (known issue, no fix as of yet)" Still unsure what this pertains to. We have not had any issues with alt tags not getting read. Just wanted to update this post!Joe