Sharing Files on the forum

aaron Community Member Posts: 5
Many of you have requested the ability to share files over the forum. One easy way is to register for a free 5GB storage space at Registration is relatively quick and painless.Once registered, you can upload and share your files:Use the "Manage My Xdrive" utility to upload your files.Then select the file you've uploaded and click on the "Send File" icon in the top toolbar. You can now set up a share and just email the link to yourself.Xdrive will provide a URL link to the file within the email that you can then copy from the email and provide within your forum posts so that other forum members can download your files.UPDATE - 2/27/2008 Alternatively, you can use SkyDrive to share your files. Microsoft has come out with 5 GB of internet storage for free. Here is the link: By: aaron on 2008-8-26 11:0:10