Adding Brain in Lectora Beauty

goodok Community Member Posts: 29
OK, MastaShake, here is my simple explanations.Usually each Instructional Unit has - a set of learning objectives;- a set of ready-made presentations and test items, which together are supposed to be enough to support and assess achievement of all the learning objectives.In traditional e-learning systems, all presentations and test items are presented in the same way to all learners1.As a set of presentations and questions for a learner self-navigation2.In linear order3.In branching order, depending on learner responses.It is “one-size-fits-all” approach, which is not effective for learning.Intelligent e-learning system, which I proposed, uses the same - set of learning objectives;- set of ready-made presentations and test items.But also has a run-time engine, which automatically decides:1.presenting or testing mode to realize2.which presentation(s) to select/recommend next in presenting mode,3.which question(s) to ask/recommend next in testing mode;for each particular learner individually to achieve all learning objectives by the most effective way. That is it.An author developing such an intelligent system does not need to pre-order presentations and questions or write a branching script. The engine will do it much better.For each learner, the Intelligent System looks like traditional e-learning system, which provides the learner with the same presentations and questions. All differences are inside and invisible. It does the same job, but does it much smarter. That is it.