Adding Brain in Lectora Beauty

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Well I have to say that I think I finally understand what you are talking about, well mostly. So have you already written or constructed this System? I assume you have, just by the way that you are describing it. I just wonder if something like that would be too complex to make it work with something so simple as Lectora.It sounds really interesting though. So tell me if I am wrong but your system could:1. Steer students to questions that the Intelligent System (IS) knows they need to focus on more, and steer them away from questions that the IS knows the student understands fully. Because somehow the IS would know which questions are similar or related to one another and be able to group them with some sort of meta data.2. Suggest sections of the elearning course that the student should take compared to how they are doing up to a certain point, because the IS will know the difference between what they are most likely to need more information on and that of which they already seem to have a full understanding.The only part I am not clear on is:

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1.presenting or testing mode to realize
What are some examples of different presenting and testing modes? Or are these defined course by course by the course developer?