Accessibility questions from a novice

kimbo Community Member Posts: 3
Hi all,I'm a relatively new Lectora user, and we're putting together some templates for a client with quite stringent accessibility requirements. Two issues that are really causing problems, and that I'm hoping someone could help with are:1. When using the 'Tab' key to tab through the screen, is there standard Lectora functionality that allows for the default 'dotted' border that frames the active screen element to be made more visible? We've managed to devise a custom script that does this, but it doesn't seem to work in conjunction with a screen reader (JAWS). The screen reader works, but the active screen element is no longer highlighted, not even with the default Lectora 'dotted' border.2. Is there standard Lectora functionality that allows for the resizing of text. Similar to holding the 'CTRL' and '+' or '-' key while using Internet Explorer 7 (this is not the standard browser for the client), we're looking for a way to enable this functionality from within Lectora.Hopefully these questions make sense. Any help would be greatly appreciated