LMS Viewing Issue

annabelle Community Member Posts: 6
New Topic...published to html it works fine. It's a little slow transitioning between pages with movies, but other than that I'm not seeing any problems.I am currently working in Lectora 2006 and have developed an entire course in this version (My first course). I want to publish to our LMS (Ziiva- Prosperity) They request that I publish in SCORM 1.2 which I have set. The problem comes after the publishing and the upload. When viewed, the course shows that it's loading and then all I can see is the TOC directions. "To see the TOC, right click on this icon" But the course is not visible. At one point the LMS provider could see the course, but we couldn't. I thought it was security issue but even on my home computer I couldn't see the course. I've tried multiple different ways of uploading different files, but nothing changes the result. The person who was in my position previously Published to this LMS with Lectora, but I have no clue how. The LMS support is at a loss as to what I should try next. I figure I did something wrong when creating, but I do not know where to begin to look. Any thoughts are appreciated.