LMS Viewing Issue

annabelle Community Member Posts: 6
I do not think size has anything to do with this issue. Whereter it is a good idea to build a 40+ MB internet course is something different though.Back ontopic. I meant the variables that influence the course, not the ones made during publishing. Something like "on show, show ". Do this only "IF setcourse = 1". Stuff like that, for example. You said that it works in HTML just fine, indicates that it is either is miscommunication between course and LMS, or something the LMS expects from the course, but is not given to it.The best course of action would be to figure out what the previous courses sends to the LMS in terms of variables (AICC_Lesson_status, or AICC_score etc.) and just copy-paste those in your own course. If possible, contact the person you have replaced, and confront him with this problem. Might save you some time !Good Luck :)