Page Restart

charles Community Member Posts: 29
Charles,I built a refresh button for all of our courses in Lectora 2007 that resets the page to the original form without going to the next page. It is a bit of a sleight of hand, but it may work for you. I simply created the button image (two arrows in a circular pattern similar to the refressh button for Internet Explorer). I used the On Click tab of the Properties to set it to Go To Chapter Section or Page - Refresh Page - Top. The Refresh Page is simply a blank Lectora Page located in my appendix at the end of the course. It has one action on the page - On Show - Go To - Back. That's it. When the user clicks on the refresh button it jumps to this blank page and immediately goes back to the original state of the page the user was viewing. It happens so fast that the user does not really see the blank "Refresh" page.This may be too cumbersome for you to use, but it has been very effective for our courses.Good luck!John ZurovchakInstructional DesignerMicro Electronics, Inc.