FLVs and Learn.com

lambert17 Community Member Posts: 68
Is anyone successfully playing FLVs within a Lectora course on learn.com? Here’s the situation – the videos play correctly on:- My desktop- My test website- The learn.com support person’s desktopThe videos do not play when loaded into the learn.com LMS. Still, learn.com support insists it’s something we’re doing.They have supposedly verified that the mime types are enabled on the server and checked the IIS octet.Any ideas?For these courses, we are using 2007. We are calling the FLVs using .swf files. We insert the .swf file as animation and place the FLV and steelencaseall.swf (the shell) in the Images folder. As I said above, it works fine everywhere except within the LMS. This leads me to believe that, hmmmm, maybe it's not our problem? Thanks,Jay