Help with test functionality.

shu745 Community Member Posts: 2
Hi AllI am new to Lectora so please excuse my lack of Lectora know-how. That being said, I am building a test using Lectora 2004. I have 10 questions consisting of multiple choice and T/F. I want the quiz to function such that until the user selects the correct answer, they stay at the current question. Furthermore I would like a message (preferably not a javascript pop up window, but rather a textbox of some sort) to populate with "right" or "wrong" based on the selection.Currently, the way i have it working is the user answers a multiple choice question and clicks the "Next" button. The next page comes up which has an action triggering "on show" which checks the answer. The action states that if the answer is anything other than the correct one the page jumps back to the previous question. Nasty I know! I mean you see the page transition forward then back... So you can see why I would appreciate any help.Thx in advance.- Shu