Help with test functionality.

shu745 Community Member Posts: 2
Many things.First welcome to the forum. You have found a valuable resource and a lot of people willing to help where they can.Second, you have a very old version of Lectora. The improvements of 2006 over 2005 were tremendeous in terms of productivity and capability. Likewise for 2007 over 2006. These are the only three versions I have. Trivantis only supports the current and previous year, so upgrade when you can. In the meantime, we will try to help. Can you check a question variable for "Correct" and "Not correct" in 2004? If so, then here are two ways:Disable the On Click action on the Next button.Attach an action that shows a hidden text box with your feedback when the answer is wrong.Attach another action that goes to the next page when the answer is right. Form lots of 2006 tips and tricks, many of which may apply to 2004, check out my Tips and Tricks Toolkit available on my web site - below - under the Lectora menu.