Text box wont recognize Font , uses dfalt

mrdeep Community Member Posts: 7
Hello!We have Lectora 2007sp2a (4545) running on Tablet XP.This machine also has Corel installed with lots ofdifferent fonts.When we try to use certain TTF fonts in textbox Lectorasimplay displays some default or random font instead.by steps:1. installed Corel with TTF fonts2. installed Lectora (and installed latest updates)3. Create new textbox4. Change font to "Dax-Regular" (for example)5. type in some textthe text typed should be displayed in selected font,instead it is displayed as Arial or some other random font.So we suspect this to be Lectora "feature" as rest of the programs (ex: Corel, OpenOffice) have worked flawlessly with fonts.Copy-paste from OpenOffice to Lectora worksfor now, but it would be nice if we could workonly with Lectora.also we noticed that textboxes in templatethat have font X defined and show that correctly,display random font Y when we type in additional textinto that textbox.All ideas are welcomed!Thanks!