Text box wont recognize Font , uses dfalt

mrdeep Community Member Posts: 7
This may or may not be the answer, because I did not see certain information in your post:I experienced a similar situation. It kept reverting back to the default. One place we changed the font is in the default Text Font and Color. Your post was not clear if this was done.At the title level:1. Open the Title Properties2. Select the Background tab3. click Select Font4. Select the font. This will change the default of any new added text boxes.If that doesn't fix your problem, just to check that it recognizes the fonts Corel TTF, add your text box, type some words, then highlight the words and select to change the font from the menu at top. If it works. The issue is having Lectora maintain that font by changing it at the title level.Now, if you want different text boxes to have different font, then either type the text first and highlight to change or if you are using a template, type a space in the font choice. This is true if using a variable to populate the text box. A space is necessary to maintain the font choice.