Pausing a Flash movie

amillard64 Community Member Posts: 23
Thanks to all for the responses.So far, I haven't found a solution to this. The Character Builder files are generated as .swf files. These are standalone files, with no controls. As far as I can tell, there is no way to embed controls in the Character Builder movie file.If the Play and Stop functions in Lectora control the movie well enough, as they seem to, it is odd that the Pause function won't similarly act on the movie. But I've found no combination of settings that will make it work. As it is, when the Stop function is used, the movie doesn't so much stop as it does disappear. We had to create a static image of the avatar that would show when the Stop was clicked so that it didn't just look blank at that point.As for the variable that controls play or stop on subsequent pages, it is fairly simple. By default, when someone runs one of our modules, the movie will start playing immediately. If they stop the character during play on any page, a variable is changed so that on subsequent pages the movie will not start playing unless they click the play button. When a page loads, the status of that variable is checked and it either plays or doesn't, depending.I've looked at the *s option, and it may be my last resort. But it just bugs me that there is supposed to be this function, yet it just won't work. I may need to just let go of that.I don't have a way to create a Flash controller that will do as Krixquet suggests. I saw a controller posted on this board by Hemingway that works for MP3s. Is there something similar for a Flash movie that is available free?