Pausing a Flash movie

amillard64 Community Member Posts: 23
We are using Character Builder to generate Flash movie files (.swf) of an avatar reading text on the screen of some modules we are building using Lectora. We've managed to make the movie stop and start just fine using a couple of buttons with some actions that hide either the play button or the stop button, depending, and a dummy image of the avatar that shows when the movie is stopped.We'd also like to be able to pause the movie, so that if someone stops it, it doesn't have to just start over from the beginning. However, the pause action does not seem to have any effect on these files. I've dug around looking for an answer, but nothing quite seems to fit our situation.By default, the movie plays as soon as the page loads. We use a variable to determine if someone has stopped the movie so that subsequent pages remain stopped rather than playing automatically.I've tried a number of different methods to get this to work, to no avail.This is the case regardless of publish method, and works the same in "Run" mode, "Preview" mode and in the single file executable we are currently outputing.Any advice would be appreciated.Edited By: amillard64 on 2007-4-26 13:44:40