burning published html files to cd

mjohnson Community Member Posts: 30
I'm having a problem with cd I've burned with lectora lesson (published to html). I have to publish to html because I have "external html objects" in my lesson, and Lectora won't let you use the "publish to cd" option.The published html files work fine until I try to copy the folder to a cd using the Windows XP "copy" command. The course navigation seems corrupted. As I try to page through the lesson some of the pages with display other will give me a IE6 browser message that the page can not be displayed. I can skip around the lesson using Topic menu drop down and some chapters will display 1 or 2 pages then an error. I can open windows explorer and execute all the html files idependently... but the propble seems to be when I'm acutally executing the lesson and i click on the "next" or "previous" arrows on our menu bar... the next page lectora function cause the the next or previous page to not be render.