Conditional Branching using a Variable

taylor415 Community Member Posts: 68
Hello,I'm developing a course that serves audiences in 6 different states. The majority of the content is the same for all states but some branching for state-specific content needs to occur.Our theory to handle this branching is to have the user set their state variable at the beginning of the course (on a page with a picture of a map, where the user 'selects' their state and thereby sets a StateVariable to the code associated with their state).With the state variable set, the idea was to include a transparent link on top the standard next link, on each page before branching should occur. When the use clicks that link, we'd like to refer back to the state variable and send them to the appropriate page. In other words, if the StateVariable is set to AZ, the user is send to the Arizona version of that page.The problem I'm looking at now is that the on click condition only allows 2 options.   Which is to say:1. On click go here or if the criteria isn't met2. Go thereSince I have multiple states, I need more then just one 'other' destination.What do you think? Has anyone worked with this sort of thing before?