Capturing test results

tfones Community Member Posts: 18
The "No training..." should be "Our training..."We are using Lectora 2007We have a home grown LMS that would send me back results such as; passed, failed, or score. But I need to get information such as the question text along with the correct answer and the wrong answer selected back to the instructor so that they can use the results as a guide for remedial training if needed. There is an "email test results" that is selectable but since we use javascript, this selection for test results does not work. We get an error when we try to publish that the two selections can not work together.I was asking if the same results that are shown to the user in the pop up box could be captured and then assigned to a variable so that it could then sent out to an existing CGI script on the LMS and the test results could be emailed to the instructor of the certification test (course).Even if we could capture the information out to a some type of text file then we could possible attach that to a email for the instructor.I know we can access that information if we use a "submit variables values" action to send the same information out to a CGI script but if you had a 50 questions test and you wanted to display the Question Text, Correct answer, Answer the student selected, email address for the results to go to, student name, and overal score then the CGI script everything would be sent to would become very difficult to put together depending on the number of questions on the test. Test sizes could range anywhere from ten to over a hundred questions. A hundred question test would require three hundred variables just for the question text, correct question and the answer the student selected.That is why I would like to find out if the entire block of information displayed in the pop-up box can be captured and assigned to one variable.