Capturing test results

tfones Community Member Posts: 18
Well, there are some typos above which make me not sure what you are asking but I'll give it a try. ("No testing ...???")What version of Lectora? Is it on an LMS? If so, all the test results are there.If not, where is your course being accessed from by the students? HTML from a server? .exe file? CD? A zip file they download of HTML and start?If HTML on a server but not LMS, you need server side code and use the CGI option on the test results. If it is NOT a Linux server there is some easy to understand PHP code available. If an ASP server, you are on your own.Within the course, you say "results added to a variable". Are you talking about the entire course score which is a single number. That number is available as a system variable that ends in Score as soon as you run and action that does a Submit/Score Test. Tools > Manage Variables to see the variable names. If you have sections in the test, you will have multiple entires. If that is what you want, just do a submit action. Capturing all the variables can be done at the same time with a more complicated server side PHP script.Mail to options generally don't work because most IT departments have closed off the ability to do that due to virus and firewall attacks. Trivantis may have some ideas here.