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melsharma1 Community Member Posts: 50
That is only true with 2006. In 2007 you can hold the Alt key down and drag or arrow them anywhere. Holding the Shift key down while using the arrow keys moves 10 px instead of just one.Now, here is a tip for 2006 grouped items. If you want to move just one item in a group w/o ungrouping it really isn't too hard. 1. quickly create image near the object you want to move- I just use an oval from the image bar.2. Then click and select the oval and the grouped object. Now when you click and drag or arrow the oval, the grouped object moves too!For text boxes, know that you can move it by resizing it. If you want to move it up, drag the top edge up and then move the bottom edge up. Same for left/right.
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