Bookmarking on a Random test

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An option that I would like to see is the ability to bookmark a random test to continue it later in SCORM.Some of my tests are 40 questions long, The students for these tests usually take them while at work and have to leave their PC's often. Most of them close what they are doing when they leave. The answers do get saved, but the questions do not. For example, If I have a 20 questions test out of a pool of 30 questions, and a person leaves after answering 10 questions, the student will come back and have to start from the beginning in a newly randomized test, but if they get any of the 10 questions they answered before, they will already be filled in.It seems like Lectora will re-randomize the test every time you get into it. So if half way though you cancel the test and start over, it's randomized again even if you never closed the session. I want to randomize the test every time they enroll in it, not every time they take the test, if that makes sense to you people that use a LMS.


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    Still Badly needed. I have had to move on to Articulate Quizmaker for this functionality. It doesn't do as much as Lectora but it does this... which is VERY much needed to use a real timer and avoid cheating.