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Suspend Data for SCORM 2004

bassman Community Member Posts: 66
I have been developing a course for use in a SCORM 2004 LMS (SABA).One problem I have been wrestling with is how to overcome the restriction of my client that I cannot use cookies to store user data, such as course progress and bookmarking, such as whether a user has visited a certain branching option or page.Given that Lectora is supposed to be SCORM 2004 compatible, I find that I cannot set many of the SCORM variables directly - they simply don't appear as variables within the Predefined variables list, one of which includes cmi.suspend_data.I would have also thought that they would be predefined actions for reading and writting any of the SCORM data using Lectora. Instead, I find that I must write these myself using Javascript.I also find that without proper string handling functions I cannot parse and assemble the suspend data from my Lectora functions without writting custom functionality. Surely this should be standard for a SCORM compatible authoring tool? Or am I making it all too complicated and have missed something in getting to grips with the tool?Generally, I have found that Lectora is straight-forward to use and our non-technical authors have been able to get quickly up to speed with authoring into it, but it seems to run out of road when it comes to SCORM (oh and please can you look at moving away from rtf for text formatting, HTML/CSS would be much easier to use). Our translation agencies would also appreciate it is a standand that they are all used to!Other than that, Lectora's not too bad.
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