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Suspend Data for SCORM 2004

bassman Community Member Posts: 66
Lectora uses the suspend data to store all retained variables ... so if you explicitly update the cmi.suspend_data value in the LMS, you will overwrite what Lectora is doing. What you should do is create you own Lectora Variable and mark it as 'retain variable values between sessions'. Your variable will now be retained and you can use normal Lectora actions/conditions to set/get its value.If you need to get at the variable's value through custom javascripting, you can set the variable's value through the function VarYourLectoraVariableName.set( suspend ). Make sure to put a dummy action on the page that refers to your variable name so Lectora writes it on the page.   To get the value use: VarYourLectoraVariableName.getValue() By using Lectora to store/retrieve the value ... you know it will be retained in the LMS, and saved/loaded properly for you.
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