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Logic and Conditional Loops

bassman Community Member Posts: 66
It is not really missing, but also not really there either. The code will be clunky, but that is mainly because you can not alter it yourself when writing.You are right when you say that there is no such thing as a for-loop, but you have access to conditions such as "IF" and "ELSE" when you use variables. This should let you be able to use all kind of variables and actions together to simulate a loop.Example:- Build 2 pages.- Give the first page a check-variable. Make sure that var checks each time page 1 is visited.- Give page 2 a variable to add 1 each time it is visisted, and the action to go back one page each time the result is not equal to X (whatever you want it to be). - Run the darn thing ;)It does not provide a full solution for your problem, but it should help you with at least some basic loops. :)
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