Trouble with publishing in Lectora 2007

ludo Community Member Posts: 86
Hey Ben,Thanks for the input. What I don't seem to understand is why this does not occur in the previous Lectora version, but does so in this one. We had some deadlines to make, so we had a temporary solution. This was to export some courses to XML ,and then import it into 2006. Thankfully, the courses that had deadlines for last week were imported in the correct way. Your solution provided "render image as text" has also been a temporary solution, and seemed to work for most courses as well. The problem that we encountered now is the fact that we export some of the courses and they do not import well in Lectora 2006. For example: 1 of our courses is a 10-chapter, 416 pages big AWT-file, with every chapter given a seperate Assignable Unit. When we export this document, all seems to be well. No errors occur, even though the XML-document created in the process seems very small compared to the AWT-file (950KB compared to the 1,7 MB). When we import this file, only the first 5 AU's are imported, up until the last page of the 5th AU. At this point, the last page is a blank one, or only with text, and no other content. When we delete the first 4 AU's and the last 2, the same problem occurs. There seems to be an error in this page. The same happens with other AU's, but quite random actually. It is not always the last page as well, sometimes it halts on the 4th page, for example.We are kind of stuck at the very moment. Because these courses are way to big to be reproduced (we are talking about 5 or 6 courses, about 400-600 pages each), and the importing fails, we do not know what to do.We have already had contact with the Trivantis-support by mail, but they do not seem to have a solution at all. They cannot tell us exactly what should be done about it.I simply cannot understand that our company is the only one having these troubles. There must be some other people who can see/experience this? For your information : we use Lectora Enterprise 2007, updated with the latest serivce pack.Edited By: Ludo on 2007-2-28 6:54:16