Trouble with publishing in Lectora 2007

ludo Community Member Posts: 86
Sorry to say, this is a rendering problem related to the difference between Lectora and the many browsers. The diff. in rendering between Preview, Run, publish to executable which are Lectora driven renderings and any browser has and likely will be around for a long time. You are right, it occurs mostly with tables and bullets. I have a new client who wants to use Verdana and I have to learn all over again. With Arial, things text blocks got longer - with Verdana they are getting shorter. Aarggh - IE 6.0You are right, you can have even more problems if you paste from Word which you did not. Good going. Each browser has renders the screen a bit differently - and of course MS takes its own liberties -- "We're MS. We do it our way."There is one workaround for the really nasty blocks that people use. I use it when I have arrows from the text to the paragraph and just get tired of trying to line them up. Click the Render as image option in the text box properties. But there ain't no free lunch. The text box is no longer 508 conformant and it takes a few more bytes to send down the line because it is now a GIF instead of a few text sentences. You can see how much by trying a one page title with one of your paragraphs and then looking in the image file for a gif that begins with "text".Another minimizing technique is to break the tall text boxes into smaller ones. The differences seem to be cumulative so 3 short boxes seem to have less distortion than if you put all the text in one box. p.s. You will likely have this issue with any authoring tool, not just Lectora.Edited By: bpitman on 2007-2-28 6:40:7