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mjermyn Community Member Posts: 24
I've done something similar, but it was a flash based solution. Basically I had a little transparent flash movie at the title level that I passed in the number of pages to. Then as I went through each page the .swf would record the url and check to see if it was unique -if so it would incrament a variable. Then on the page before the quiz I had a flash button. It did a local connect with the "page tracker" flash file to see what percent of the course had been visited. If the user had visited more than 60% of the course a button appeared that they could click on to take the quiz, if not some text appeared telling them they needed to review the coures before taking the quiz. There were also a few optional parameters that could be set, like not recording a page for a certain amount of time (10 seconds or so) so the user couldn't click through the pages as fast as they wanted. Anyway, if you want to try a flash based approach let me know and I'll see if I can dig up the files.-Mark