Modifying AICC variables

mountaineer Community Member Posts: 42
I'm using Lectora 2006.I'm attempting to publish to AICC/Web-Based format. When I do, I receive the following error:This course is missing a scored test or a Modify Variable action for either AICC_Lesson_Status or AICC_Score...There is no test because the client wants to do it that way.My understanding is that AICC_Lesson_Status should be set to "Completed" or that AICC_Score should be set to "100".I have tried attaching an action to a visible text box to modify one of these two variables. Neither of the variables shows up in the list of variables in the Title when I run the Manage Variables function, yet Lectora claims they are reserved...How do I set these variables?Edited By: Mountaineer on 2007-2-22 22:0:43