Multiple choice options, tricks for 508

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bpitman wrote:

I think so if I understand you. Are they different? If not, there is a simpler solution.Use an On Key Display action for 1 and a clickable button that you activate with a mouse to Display feedback 2. Although I guess you could tab to the mouse and press enter.
Thanks, Ben. Yes, the feedback text would be the same in both versions. Ideally, both feedbacks would be attached to the same button so that both sighted and blind users are reading/hearing/tabbing through the same set of radio buttons/questions. But I'm thinking now that this would require duplicate preparation of the feedback text – once in the Multiple Choice Properties dialog, and again for the text layer. This would not be as elegant as the HTML/CSS version I've seen in which a single string of text is coded so that it displays differently depending on the action (onClick produces the text layer, onEnter spawns the popup).Am I misunderstanding your solution?Edited By: syncrasy on 2007-3-2 14:50:55