Multiple choice options, tricks for 508

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I'll be experimenting with another technique (suggested by bpitman) that uses only the question variable on a single page, in conjunction with show/hide actions and a reload script to get 508 compliance.
Update: the show/hide method, while it works for abled users, does not work with JAWS 6.20. The reload script doesn't seem to coax JAWS into reading the new feedback text. (I don't know if this is relevant, but my demo version of Lectora always pops up its "buy the full version!" popup upon each refresh. Could that be interfering with the way JAWS interprets a supposedly refreshed page?)Any JAWS users out there who can confirm this issue or suggest alternatives? This is a deal breaker for us if we can't get it to work (we're still evaluating Lectora for purchase).Edited By: syncrasy on 2007-2-21 15:15:17