Multiple choice options, tricks for 508

syncrasy Community Member Posts: 17
I've been experimenting with several different methods of displaying feedback for multiple choices questions that should be Section 508 compliant (for JAWS screen reader). Using text boxes/layers (show/hide) for feedback is quite nifty, but not 508-compliant because the screen reader won't read the new layer. A custom popup does the job reliably but, to reduce the number of clicks, I would like to use a new, standard page for each feedback (with the feedback text replacing the instruction text on a clone of the question page). Unfortunately, when the feedback page loads, the just-selected radio button becomes unselected (so you can't see what the feedback relates to).1. Is there a way to make the radio button stay selected on the feedback page (without editing the HTML after publishing)?2. Should I be approaching m/c questions differently?Thanks!Edited By: syncrasy on 2007-2-14 21:31:15