Screen reader reading order

syncrasy Community Member Posts: 17
More info on reading order:      "In Lectora 2007 we have changed the functionality so that screen readers should be reading items from the top down as they are listed in the left-hand pane of the title. In addition, any click-able objects will be included in the tab order, also defined by the order of objects from top to bottom as they appear in the left-hand pane. Please also note, when you have text that is inherited from organizational levels (title, chapter or section), the screen reader will read those items first, as they are listed from top to bottom in the left hand pane. "And last, if you have a text box, (no matter where it lies in the left-hand pane) if you have it's properties set to "always on top" this (in essence) moves this to the top of the page so it gets read first. FYI.