Lectora 508/JAWS/Keystrokes?

joejubee Community Member Posts: 323 ✶ Headliner ✶
Joe,Thanks for the insightful and detailed posts. A couple of follow up questions...1. Regarding the Lectora keystroke commands... All my disabled users use JAWS (government project). Does this mean that they will have to learn another set of commands (in addition to the JAWS commands they normally use)? Are we talking about a huge set, or just a few navigation strokes? How do you teach the new strokes--are they simply spoken when encountered or is separate documentation required?2. When you say the 4 arrow keys don't work (in IE), do you mean they stopped working after you deactivated Navigation Quick Keys? Is there a Lectora equivalent? (As I understand it, the arrow keys were kinda important in JAWS.)