Lectora 508/JAWS/Keystrokes?

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Ok...I will preface this by saying that there's a good chance I don't know what I'm talking about, but these things seem to work for us (Gov't) and seem to be compliant.Regarding the Lectora keystroke commands- On the first page of all of our courses, we have the disclaimer, " This course contains custom keystroke navigation commands. If you are using a screen-reader or other assistive technology, you may need to deactivate its own internal keystroke navigation. Use the following keyboard equivalents to navigate through this course:              N - Next Page              B - Back Page              O - Course Overview              T - Table of Contents              R - References              E - Resources              G - Glossary              H - Help              S - Show/Hide Navigation              X - Exit Course/Close Popup "This pretty much is what we have in terms of keyboard navigational instruction, and it seems to be appropriate. You have to remember- there's no way that any screen reader will know what constitutes a "next page" action/link unless you have that link on every page.For the arrow keys, we were initially going to be using them for navigation (next/back/home, etc.) but once published and JAWS DISABLED, they appeared to not function. They somehow retained the JAWS actions of "say the next letter." Rather than troubleshoot this, we changed the keystroke commands in Lectora to different/normal keys.Happy to help - feel free to ask anything, and PLEASE- let me know if you think I'm doing anything wrong. The most frustrating part about 508 compliance is there is no real "certification" that we can do. Sure, Bob's 508 Certification Company .com will evaluate it and say "Yup- This Be Certified" but who are they in terms of Gov't, right?Faking it 'till I make it,Joe