Lectora 508/JAWS/Keystrokes?

joejubee Community Member Posts: 323 ✶ Headliner ✶
Oops... Here's what I did that worked:1) Start JAWS2) Open Internet Explorer3) Hit INSERT+6      This should open the IE.JCS file.4) Click "Set Options"5) Select "Keyboard Options"6) Under "Navigation Quick Keys" change it from "On" to "Off"7) Save and close.Now, whenever you launch JAWS, it's internal keystroke commands will not work within Internet Explorer.OH- another thing that we learned is that keystrokes for the "Arrow Keys" (Not the keypad arrows, but the group of 4 arrows) will not work. Granted, when you try to publish from within Lectora, it warns you that those keys are not compatible with Netscape (Who uses Netscape anyways??) but has no mention of IE.But maybe it'll work for you.By the way, I'm running Lectora 2006 and IE6.Joe Edited By: CDC_Joe on 2007-2-7 14:15:27