Lectora 508/JAWS/Keystrokes?

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Hey All!We are currently using Lectora 2006 and evaluating the demo of 2007 and have come up against what appears to be a glaring issue of 508 non-compliance when viewing a course that has passed the internal 508-checker...Our understanding from our Lectora 508 training that Trivantis supplied us with is that the key components for 508 is:A) Keystroke Equivalents: The Keystroke equivalents would be using the letter "C" for example, to go to the "Coursemap" page, and "N" for the "Next Page" action. B) SkipNav:This is a function that makes it so all the main menu/navigational/logos elements are hidden and do not need to be repeated by the screen readers. The problem is that when we tested a basic 508 "passed" courses' published HTML and used the standard JAWS8.0 screen reader, all of Lectora's keystrokes are eliminated, so essentially, a disabled person would not be able to make it past the 1st page.This problem can be remedied by placing all of the navigational elements back on the screen (FWD, Coursemap, etc.) where they can be tabbed to through JAWS, but this eliminates the SkipNav requirement.Does anyone out there have any experience with publishing true 508-compliant courses that work when using JAWS?Thank you-JoePS- The moderators might want to look into creating a separate Forum Topic for 508 since that seems to be one of their big selling points for Lectora 2007.Edited By: CDC_Joe on 2007-2-2 13:47:3