**** Proof

kvallier Community Member Posts: 26
Okay, after years in Lectora, I must confess to being the **** on this one . But, others may have encountered the same brain fade and lost work because of it (not wanting to be alone on this one).Lectora allows you to open a second instance of the same file . Other programs will revert to the already opened file or tell you the file you are trying to open is already open (you ****!) .Well, becuase I did have two instances of the same file open with significant work done in each, I lost all work done in one of the instances .Yes, tis all my fault with no one else to blame. But maybe Lectora could write some code to prevent idiots (like me) from doing this again. Where is the love...?Edited By: kvallier on 2006-12-20 11:17:43