Line Breaks in Variables

eelkcin Community Member Posts: 52
Hi,If anyone can help with this - I'd greatly appreciate it!I'm working on a piece which involves gathering information - and feeding it back later on.So far, I have a selection of radio buttons - and depending on which one is picked - I adds some text to a variable.At the moment - there are 3 statements added to the variable - which i want to display later on in the course.I can do this fine - however when i later display the statements in a text block - the statements all appear menged together - when ideally I want them on seperate lines.e.g.The currently display like this:Statement 1Statement 2Statement 3when i want it to be:Statement 1Statement 2Statement 3I have read the thread here ( line+break+variable) and tried using r or n or \r or \n or rn etc - but this simply displays as "Statement 1rStatement 2..."Any one got any ideas what I'm doing wrong!??! or any new ideas of how to do this!?!?Thanks!
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