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I have a title which provides several pages of training content and then uses a test as a review page. Each review page asks up to three questions. If the user correctly answers ALL questions, they see a message telling them they are correct and they move to the next chapter of training content (which also ends in a review and so on). The intent is to have them correctly answer each question on each review before they get to a page that submits their information (via e-mail) showing they successfully completed the training.If the user incorrectly answers any question on a review, they see a message indicating they answered something incorrectly and they are returned to the first page of the content that the review entails so they can go through the content before encountering the review again. They see the same questions each time they encounter a given review (I'm not using random questions).So far so good…this is working the way we want it to. Here's my issue. If I set the option requiring them to answer ALL questions I like how Lectora handles that. It tells them they must respond to all the questions and keeps them on the review page. The only problem is that I have provided them with a BACK button in case they voluntarily want to return to the content pages before completing the review. However, with the option set, they cannot leave the review page once they are there until they have responded to all the questions.On the other hand, if I don't turn on the "Answer All Questions" option, the BACK button works OK but if they miss a question they are informed they made a mistake and are taken back to the beginning of the content.I'm greedy. I want the best of both worlds. I want the "Answer All Questions" option to inform them they have not completed the review when they click the "Submit" button (attempting to move forward). I want a mistake to tell them so and return them to the beginning of the content. But I also want the "Back" button to take them to the previous page without any warnings/comments.Does anyone know how to do this?Lee
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