Test Exit Options—Want it all

dinger Community Member Posts: 23
You make a custom display page, not the std display page, and have on it:Exit now? Yes button   No buttonThe No button just closes the popup window.The yes button sets the value of a variable to YES and then closes the popup window.Now, with that in place, on your exit button you do 2 things:Action 1: Display the confirmation page above.Action 2: Start a monitor which is a device that checks the value of a variable Every 1/2 second. If that value is YES, I exit. 2007 is coming out with something to make this easier. Monitor consists of a small transparent initially NOT visible text box with nothing in it and the following actions:On hide, show text box after .3 sec.On show, hide text box after .3On show, exit; condition: variable = YESIt just sits there until activated by some action showing the text box. Then every 1/2 sec it checks the variable to see if it is YES. To see it work, make the text box background a color and you will see it flash.So, the action 2 above that starts this monitor is Show the text box.
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