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page to page variable question?

kev27 Community Member Posts: 31
I'm using Lectora 2006 professional publishing suite (latest version update). I have a lectora course where two pages will interact with each other. On page 1 the user can click one of six transparent buttons to reveal an image. On the second page what I want to happen is whatever image they selected on page one, to appear on page two.Here's what I've done, but have been unsuccessful. On page one I made the 6 buttons. When a button is clicked an initially invisible image will appear. If another image is visible then I have set actions to hide that image. I have also created variables for each image and have set the default value to 0. Then I placed an action on each image (On Show) to modify the image variable to 1. Then I placed another action on each image (On Hide) to modifiy the image variable back to 0.Then I went to page two and set actions at the page level. (I should also state that I have the same images on page 2 as page 1 which are set to initially invisible) I have an action for each invisible image on page 2 to appear if the variable value associated with any image is equal to 1.Therefore, if the user selects image #4 on page one, it modifies the variable to equal 1. It should also allow image #4 to be visible on page 2 because the image variable is now set at 1. Bad news...none of this is working correctly.Any way to make this work would be appreciated. Thanks for your help!
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