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ganglion Community Member Posts: 76
I ask the below because I know that the Trivantis team is very responsive to user requests. I have seen a number of our requests in the the beta version of 2007. So, I ask the below so that they have a good handle on what you would like to happen. I know if I were programming the system, I would not know what to do other than put a check box. I would not know how you wanted the system to respond.Still, what do you want to have happen? Yes, they can easily put the check box there. When the learner leaves it blank, what do you want Lectora to do? display a message? Stop completely? Give you the option of displaying a message like the question wizard? And again, suppose someone has 5 groups, and they were all checked for required input. Then what? If you put 5 questions on a single page in a test and require that they be completed, you CAN ALREADY require that they be answered (no null values). It gives you one msg per page that says you must answer all questions. But it happens ONLY when you go to the next page. How would you like it to be different? Yes, re. the mod copy, would be nice to have it do the same thing when you copied some actions as opposed to a whole page.