Global text as image option

seans Community Member Posts: 11
Both potential downsides are very real, and may impact some audiences more than others. For example, in our environment nothing is published to HTML and some material requestors actually would prefer that we lock down and avoid having people copy it. (Yes, they could use serial screenshots- but at least not directly copy/paste the text.) We also have a varied audience, some of whom do use higher DPI settings which will cause some word wrap/loss issues. With some of the higher density LCD panels, the number of people using large fonts may increase. These users may not understand that the course is fine and that their PC settings are causing the unexpected display leading to frustration with the training.So, while it may not be an option that fits all environments or all courses a global option could be useful. After all, Lectora already offers the option on a box-by-box basis so a global option just introduces another efficiency.