Please, please help with Flash

fenghuang Community Member Posts: 15
Ok guys, I am now at my wits end. I have followed the posts and tried everything that has been recommended but I STILL can't get Flash and Lectora to be buddies and talk to each other!Because Done Playing doesn't work in HTML I need to use getURL at the end of my Flash movie to activate a "forward" button in Lectora.I cannot rely on the "timer" - after x seconds show buttons as this has proved very unreliable of different machines, download speeds etc.I placed a temporary button in Lectora and checked the HTML to find action88(); associated to that button.I then placed getURL("javascript: action88();"); in the last frame of the movie.Published and copied everything into wwwroot in inetpub folder, launched with Firefox and NOTHING. movie plays then sits there like a dumb thing.What am I missing? any pointers welcome and thanks in advance